The All-in-One Adhan Clock, Quran Player, and Hadith Display.

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In a world that races past, Bilaal serves as your timeless anchor, urging you to center your life around Salat. Bilaal was designed by and for families striving for a Salat-focused life.


Experience the call to prayer in every corner of your home. A countdown timer in the bottom left corner keeps you in sync with the next prayer time.


Let the soul-stirring recitations of 100+ available reciters light up your living spaces.


Get your family inspired by the words of the Prophet ﷺ as Sahih Ahadith circulate every couple of minutes, in Dutch, English, or Arabic.

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Designed to complement every interior

A beautifully designed 7 inch, compact device. Bilaal is a seamless addition to your home's aesthetic. Available in Madeena White and Kaaba Black. Bilaal intuitively shifts to Dark Mode after sunset, ensuring that your device not only fits your decor but also aligns with the rhythm of your day.

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Peace of mind

Connected to power 24/7, Bilaal eliminates the stress of constant recharging, ensuring uninterrupted islamic reminders for your family. And thanks to free automatic Wi-Fi updates, your experience is consistently enriching and up-to-date.

Hear directly from the many muslim families that have already welcomed Bilaal into their homes.
Can I also set Bilaal for my city? +
Yes. Every city (small & large) is available in Bilaal.
Can I also install the device on my wall? +
Yes. You can place it standing and install it on the wall using the special notch on the back.
Does Bilaal remain connected to the power? +
Yes. Because Bilaal stays connected to the power, you don't have to replace the batteries every few days, or charge a battery every 2 hours. Once connected, Bilaal can do its job carefree for your family.
How long is the cable? +
The power cable is 150cm long.
Which Quran reciter is included? +
You can choose from more than 100 different reciters.
What are the dimensions of the device? +
Bilaal has a 7-inch screen so it easily fits into your interior. The dimensions are: 18.1cm x 12.2cm.
I have children, is Bilaal right for me? +
If you want your children to grow up in a house where the Adhan sounds 5 times a day, the Quran is regularly played and the entire family is exposed to the Hadiths of the Prophet ﷺ every day... then the answer is yes!
Can I also mute individual prayer calls? +
Yes. You can turn off the sound separately for each prayer in the settings.
What prayer calculation methods are available on Bilaal? +
You can currently choose between: Muslim World League, Umm al-Qura University, or Makkah, Egyptian General Authority of Survey, Islamic Society of North America, and University, Islamic Sciences Karachi, and Diyanet. Not sure which one to set? In Europe, Muslim World League & Umm al-Qura of Mecca are mainly used. You can select one of these two.
What is the delivery time? +
The delivery time of our product varies depending on availability. We ensure clear communication about the estimated delivery time at the time of ordering. When Bilaal is available, the delivery time will be clearly stated on the order page and in the confirmation email you receive.
Who owns Bilaal? And why is it so quickly sold out? +
Bilaal was developed by our small team to serve the Ummah. Our background lies in working for large international tech companies and skilled professionals from companies like Google, Neuralink, Yahoo etc. Throughout the years we collected a wealth of experience and insights. We have applied this knowledge to create something valuable for the Muslim community, with the Will of Allah. We are all surrounded by quality products that often distract from the most important - the hereafter. Islamic products are often of low quality and do not provide the experience we desire. Bilaal is therefore a new chapter in that story, giving Muslims access to both aesthetically attractive and spiritually enriching Islamic products, helping them to strengthen their connection with Allah. We are a small team and therefore it is a challenge to have a continuous stock available. We are committed to expanding our inventory further, so that we can meet the needs of every Muslim family, in sha Allah. May Allah bless you, your family, and the entire Ummah with the best.